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Video: 10 Powerful Networking Tips Using Evernote

This article is an addition to my book and article series; 10 Powerful Networking Tips Using Business Cards10 Powerful Networking Tips of Influential People, 10 Powerful LinkedIn Networking Tips.

My life became more organized the minute I discovered Evernote in 2008.  This partially came about due to life-changing situations. My wife and I had important personal documents become unreadable due to a flood in our house.  Some friends lost very important documents due to a fire.  My wife and are now on a quest. We're using Evernote to digitize all of our documents (i.e. insurance policies, wedding/birth certificates, military discharge papers, passports, tax filings, wills etc.).  These personal situations translated into developing professional Evernote skills to help business clients streamline their document workflows for innovative team productivity.

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My ability to develop personal relations and connect other people has also been streamlined using Evernote. Using Evernote's camera business card scanner immediately improved my ability to perform High Tech HIGH TOUCH Networking. This smart technology Evernote uses to scan business cards has enhanced my power networking skills to develop and nurture long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with people.  Below are 10 ways Evernote can enhance your ability to become a power networker.

What is HIGH TOUCH Networking?
From the book Networking Magic by Rick Frishman and Jill Lublin "Networking is the process of building and maintaining relationships. It's the development of a team that will support your efforts and the efforts of your network teammates to reach your and their goals. ... It's connecting with people who have common interests and objectives and generously giving to one another."

In this video New York Times bestselling author of Never Eat Alone and Who’s Got Your Back?Keith Ferrazzi talks about Why Relationships Are Crucial To Success?

10 Ways Evernote Enhances HIGH TECH Power Networking

1. Eliminate Collecting Business Cards
Whether you use Evernote BusinessPremium or Plus the Evernote camera improves your power networking by 100%.

Using Evernote's camera, the business card scanner eliminates the clutter of storing business cards in that draw in your office. You must at least be using Evernote Plus to be able to access its camera feature.  Being able to scan business cards and immediately toss the card in the trash frees up drawer space to store more important things, like an energizing snack for later in the day.

Scanning business cards using Evernote streamlines development of personal relationships with people.  networking, marketing and expanding your sphere of influence.

This video shows how to scan business cards into Evernote
using an iPhone. The process is similar when
 using an Android phone.

2. Be Ready To Network
Scan your business card into Evernote. This positions you to quickly follow up with new contacts, by emailing your business card from Evernote. Recently I attended an event and met 2 people who gave me their business cards.  By the time I traveled down on the elevator and arrived at the lobby level, from Evernote I was able to send each person my contact information, including a link to my LinkedIn profile.

To email your business card the diagram below shows . . .

1. [Windows users] Right mouse click on your contact card, which actually a note in Evernote.
2. Select Share > Send a Copy
3. Evernote will prompt you to type an email message

3. Expand Your LinkedIn Sphere Of Influence
Once the very cool Evernote camera finishes scanning a business card, it automatically uses the person's email address to lookup their Linkedin profile. This allows you to quickly invite that person to join your LinkedIn network. You need an Internet connection for this Evernote feature to work properly.

4. Be a Networking Leader
Being recognized as a person of influence is a prized position acquired by those rare individuals able to connect people who need something with people who have something. Use Evernote tags to categorize people contacts by industry.  Let's say someone asks you for a referral to a "life coach", specialized knowledge or industry experience. 

Use Evernote's tags combined with its powerful search feature, to quickly find a people with the "coach" industry tag. Now you can refer that coach you found in your Evernote CONTACTS notebook with the person who asked for the connection.  

Every time you scan a business card, just add an industry tag to each contact card stored in your Evernote CONTACTS notebook.  For example, when you meet a person who is a vice president at a bank, you would create a banking tag.  It's important to keep your industry tagging structure standard. This makes searching for business cards stored in Evernote easier.

This video by shows
How to add tags using Evernote

5. Organize Contacts To Stay In Touch
You can use Evernote's Table of Contents feature to organize business card in a single note listing.  This can be useful if you're going to be sharing contacts within your team or organization using Evernote. I use the Evernote table of contents function to add dates of last time I communicated with someone.  This allows me to rotate between Contacts with the oldest last conversation dates. Some people I may ping with an email and others with a phone call, depending on the type of relationship developing.

To create a table of contents in Evernote . . .

1. Create a notebook named CONTACTS. Each business card scanned through the Evernote camera will be stored as one single note in Evernote.

6. Show People You really Care
I recently met 3 people at an event.  As I left I used Evernote to send all 3 people my contact information and LinkedIn profile link. This action was completed by the time the elevator took me down to the building lobby. Immediately follow up makes a powerful statement about showing interest in the people you have conversations with during a networking event.
Preparation step: Create an electronic business card by using Evernote to scan your own business card. 

7. Develop High Touch Relationships
Relationships are developed over a period of time. Developed by successful entrepreneur, speaker and NY Times bestselling author, Harvey Mackay, the Mackay 66 is a document that facilitates really knowing people in your network.  I keep The Mackay 66 stored in Evernote, as a reference note in my CONTACTS notebook. The 66 questions in The Mackay 66  helps create a profile of each contact over many conversations.  When I follow up weeks, months or years later, I can reference the answers I added to Mackay 66 to personalize conversations.  

Harvey Mackay talks about using the his Mackay 66 Questions

Every time I have a conversation with a person I access her/his Mackay 66  to reference what  I typed from our previous conversation(s). This allows you to be perceived as having a superior memory, as I appropriately sprinkle their Mackay 66 life profile into a conversation. If their daughter was sick or son went off to college, the Mackay 66, stored in their Evernote business card note, allows for asking those relatable type questions to develop meaningful relationships. 

8. Develop Relationship Trust
In Bob Burg's book The Go-Giver, he nails the essence of business networking with what Bob calls the “Golden Rule of Networking”, and that is, “All things being equal, people will do business with, and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.” An easy way to quickly develop that type of relationship is by sharing "value" information.  Identify what interests or motivates a person you meet by listening to them, Googling their name, taking a peek at their LinkedIn profile or their social media accounts.  This will provide clues as to what type of "value" information to share. 

First, let's take a look how to use Evernote Web Clipper.

Now let's take a look at leveraging the Evernote's Web Clipper tool for developing trusted relationships.  So I attend a business event and meet Michael. During our discussion, he mentions he likes all-inclusive travel. 

A couple of months pass and I come across an article on the Internet about all-inclusive travel.   I reconnect and build trust with Michael by copying the website links and using Evernote's Web Clipper  the to move a copy of the web site article in a "Clipped Articles" notebook in Evernote. Then I email the article website link to Michael.

This is one encounter with a one person using Evernote to develop a relationship. Repeated use of Evernote Web Clipper to share information with people in your network is a powerful way to position you as a "rainmaker" at the center of your network. 

9. Be A Rainmaker
You may have heard the saying "knowledge is power, when used at the appropriate time"·  Similarly, having people with different skill sets may imply that power comes from being able to leverage [not use] those skills at the appropriate time.  On the contrary, the power of your network is not in each person's human capital skill set. Nor is the power of you being able to leverage different skill sets for your own personal gain. The REAL POWER and strength of your network is the rarely used, hidden networking value in being able to connect people who need something with people who have something.  This builds loyalty, influence and most of all, 2-way TRUST with people in your network. 

  1. You will attract people to approach you for your assistance with connecting them.
  2. People will come to you because you referred their specialty skills, products or services to others.
This is where Evernote can empower you as an effective connection tool, making you THAT rainmaker with your network.  When someone asks "Do you know someone who [has a particular skill] |  [is knowledgeable in a special topic] | [can help achieve a certain goal] | [has access to a private organization] etc., you and Evernote can swing into action.

Below is an example of how I use a CONTACTS notebook, which contains business cards notes created from Tip #1 above. I'm able to share an individual contact note to connect people in my network.

10.  True Power Is Empowering People With Information
There is no better way to gain trust or be viewed as a power broker than your ability to share useful information that is actionable.  Evernote provides an awesome platform for sharing organized notes and notebooks with colleagues.

This vdeo shows Sharing Notes and Notebooks by Joshua Zerkel Director of Global Customer Education and Community at Evernote

Please comment below with ways you  use Evernote to enhance your ability to develop productive relationships with people in your network.  I'll share them with the next article update, giving you FULL credit.

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