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Anything is Negotiable

From major experiences and readings of many books on negotiating, three (3) concepts are repeatly presented.
  1. First person to mention money loses the negotiation
  2. Do your homework on the person / company to find out what motivates them. Tune into their WIIFM 
  3. In addition to business contracts, Anything, I mean anything is negotiable:
  • Salary 
  • Pay raise 
  • Personal relationship, marriage or disagreement 
  • Items sold by flea market vendors 
  • Getting a child / parent / co-worker to do something 
  • Promotions 
  • IRS tax debt 
  • A relationship 
  • A business contract 
  • Team squabble 
  • Motivating children 
  • Getting a client excited about your products or services 
  • Geting buy in from people on your idea . . .
A little creative thinking is all that is needed to negotiate anything.

The key to negotiating is to find out what a person wants and then give it to them. What do they like? What motivates them? What holds their interest? What turns them off? You will only find out by asking pointed questions. Engage them. ALWAYS meet people at their needs.

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