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25 Ways and a Video To Be Fearless at Work

What would you do to maintain the current life style your family enjoys, if you lost your job today?   The answer to this question keeps everyone in fear at work. "Go along to get along" is the norm, so as not to rock the boat and keep management happy with you.  Unemployment insurance is not the answer. No one is afraid of losing their job and no one goes to work to fail. People are afraid of losing the income associated with their job.  That income dictates everything your family does; where you live, vacation destinations, cable TV package, schools your children attend etc..

You probably heard "happy workers are productive workers", but what makes those workers happy?  Eliminating worry and fear is a good start, which you can control

The reality is everyone is expendable at work.  Below are counter measures to make yourself indispensable, but expect the unexpected. Then the unexpected becomes the expected.

1. Network like your life and family depends on it.

2. Ask for dirty assignments.

3. Think like an entrepreneur at work.

4.  Make vendors provide a credit when services or products are not delivered.

5. Engage people at work.

6. Say hello to everyone.

7. Be an organizer, not a social butterfly.

8. Be in business to solve problems.

9. Change your LinkedIn profile summary from sharing to caring.

10. Update your resume the day after you start a new job.

11. Listen for opportunity.

12. Know all players in the organization chart.

13. Be a rainmaker, not a "go to" person.

14. Deposit office gossip in the mental waste basket.

15. Be a prosumer where "anyway" spending develops additional income on household or personal purchases.

16. Be a strategic partner with company vendors.

17. Participate in company and outside associations.

18. Run your career like a business.

19. Run your life like a business.

20. Keep your options open. 

21. Collect testimonials.

22. Love what you do, not your job.

23. Be ready to move anytime.

24. Be a servant team player.

25. Everyday add two (2) new people to your LinkedIn network and ping two (2) people already in your network.

26. BONUS: Be nimble to have back up plan for the back up plan.

I would love to hear from you with your ideas for being fearless at work. Post a comment below or click here to schedule a 1 on 1 discussion for nitty gritty details on how to execute these proven steps that have worked for me and many other people.

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