Do You Have Rainmaker Complex Syndrome?

This is an affliction I have had since childhood.  I’m not sure if it is hereditary, although my father never knew a stranger he would not help. I don’t know of a doctor that has been able to suggest a cure, although I haven't actually sought out medical advice. 

People who have encountered a person with rainmaker complex syndrome will most surely have a lasting experience, which is not easily forgotten.  Receivers of these rare encounters with rainmaker complex syndrome persons, usually pass on their positive experience to others that cross their paths.

4 Critical Steps to Become a Rainmaker 
video by Larry BodineSenior Legal Marketing Strategist

How do you know, if you have this ailment?  The symptoms for rainmaker complex syndrome are quite obvious:
  1. Uncontrollable urge to help others succeed.
  2. Hot flashes of people succeeding, whom you have helped. Understand the true life time benefits of Zig Ziglar’s powerful statement, “if you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want".
  3. Intermittent bursts of collaborative conversation. Selflessly network as an engagement where you ask “how can I help you?” with no thought of reciprocal consideration.
  4. Insatiable appetite to constantly make connections.  This may include putting your credibility on the line to personally connect a person who needs something with another person who has something.
  5. Aching motivation for self improvement. Constantly improve interpersonal skills, like reading How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age by Dale Carnegie or Skill with People by Les Giblin.
  6. Taking a feverish interest in community, but understand local actions do impact the global community at large.
  7. Be the person that friends, associates, coworkers, managers and executives go to for solving problems and making things happen.
  8. Compulsively being proactive about taking action and initiative to insure team success.
  9. Constant ear aches from listening, as a way to open opportunities that benefit individuals and companies around you.
  10. High energy from recognizing your network as the most valuable human capital, which can be leveraged as a commodity to do good for people.
  11. Severe spasms in being a person of influence at the center of your network.
  12. Euphoric sensation results from striving to be a person who leads by example, while following the principles outlined in The Servant Leader: How to Build a Creative Team, Develop Great Morale, and Improve Bottom-Line Performance by James A. Autry.
  13. Keen vision in truly understanding readers are leaders, by using dead time to read 10 minutes a day.
  14. Emanating warm charisma by projecting people into the success stratosphere, through generous doses of edification.
  15. An uncontrollable urge to share and exchange the new currency: information. This added bullet is from my good friend and very successful Chairman at The Board of Veteran CEOsTed Santos.
If you experience these symptoms or meet anyone with the ailment of rainmaker complex syndrome, I guarantee success is surely an outcome in the immediate future for both of you.
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Future Of Work Is Not Jobs

Freelancing is the new job security for life.  Forbes writer and Co-Founder and President of Work Market, Jeff Wald confirms this new labor paradigm shift with his article 5 Predictions for the Freelance Economy in 2015.

An  independent study by Freelancers Union and Upwork identified there are over 54 million freelancers currently in the United States. That's roughly 34 percent of the entire U.S. workforce. The Huffington Post predicts a seismic shift in the labor force is not only coming, corporate America is embracing this dynamic change.
Video: The 5 Trends Shaping the Future of Work 
by Jacob Morgan

The Future Of Work

Some opportunities coming over the future horizon to consider . . .
Occasionally, we will publish opportunities and resources to position Intrapreneurs to make informed business career management decisions.  A good primer for Savvy Intrapreneurs to stay career nimble is the book Crazy Is A Compliment - The Power Of Zigging When Everyone Else Zags by Linda Rotenberg
View other suggested readings in the Savvy Intrapreneur Knowledge and Smart Gadgets Library.

Carl E. Reid, CSI - USMC 79/80 
"Deep Expertise at intersections of Business, Networking and Technology"
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10 Fearless Strategies To Pay For College and Graduate Debt Free

by Carl E. Reid, Chief Savvy Intrapreneur, who developed his intrapreneurial problem-solving skills at the early age of 13 with paying his tuition at Salesian High School in New Rochelle, NY and paying his 4 years of college tuition at Fordham Univerity in the Bronx, NY.  In Carl's own words "I was a terrible student when my parents paid my parochial grammar school tuition.  I became an outstanding student the moment my father told me it was my responsibility to pay my high school tuition. I worked in the summer as a messenger in the garment district in New york City. Through an employer college tuition reimbursement program, I paid my tuition to attend Fordham university for 4 years, without taking out a loan." Carl is paying it forward by writing this article to educate ANYONE who seeks a college degree.

To graduate from college without any debt, think like a savvy intrapreneur who keeps all options open for innovative solutions to problems. This means paying for a college education with an open mind towards exploring multiple funding sources that result in a debt free graduation.  Starting a job as a debt free college graduate becomes profitable with your 1st pay check. 

With the advent of the 21st century social media age, there has never been a better time for anyone to attend college and graduate debt free.  Although the college education system still works inside an industrial age paradigm, there are plethora of tools and resources for creatively financing a college education, without being burdened with loan repayments.  Who wants to spend the first 5-15 years of their working career not being able to afford to move out of your parents house, take vacations, fulfill other dreams, buy a car or a house, because all your extra money goes to college loan payments?

You're only limited by your imagination to fund your college education.  With videos as appropriate, here are 10 proven strategies to jump start the creative energy. Be prepared to mix and match the strategies to fully cover college tuition, books, room & board, meals and some spending money too.

Reach out to me, if you have questions. Comment below with creative ways you have funded your college education.  I'll update the list below of proven strategies with your ideas, giving you credit.

1. Apply Only For Financial Aid Grants - NOT LOANS
The financial aid office will tell you its goal is to help you get all the money you're entitled to receive.  The missing part of that statement is the financial aid office has a fiduciary responsibility to make sure the respective college gets paid. That translates into collaborations with banks for student loans, which always ensures the college gets paid.  Leverage all Financial aid resources and the knowledge staff provides, but stay laser beam focused only on grants and scholarships.  Repeat 5 times a day "No student loans means freedom and peace of mind".

In this video Professor Sajay Samuel's TED Talk is about
How college loans exploit students for prof

2. Set Scholarship Search On Auto-Pilot
Leverage scholarship web sites to do the heavy lifting with identifying scholarships and sending you alerts.  Out of the top 5 Top Scholarship Search Engines recommended by U.S. New and World Report, Fastweb is the premier solution I recommend for identifying scholarships based on each individual student's situation.  Similar to creating a LinkedIn profile, set time aside for you and your parents to schedule several sittings for completing the Fastweb profile application. Questions answered honestly will result in big dividends for programming Fastweb to return the best scholarship opportunities for your situation.

How to to find and apply for scholarships using
My College Timeline

3. Thank You For Your Military Service
Leveraging United States military service provides valuable job training experience and can lead to cover college costs.  No matter which branch you serve, joining the military can get your college education paid from credit for military experience to having a full 4 year college program fully paid.  Check out college programs for military service. Attending military service academies covers tuition, books, board, medical and dental care being fully paid for all four years - and you get paid a monthly stipend as well.

This video Veterans Earn Benefits for College

4. College Expenses Crowd Funding
Just like it's done for company startups, leverage crowd funding to raise your tuition money. The key is to write or ask someone to help you write a value proposition that engages people beyond "donating to my cause is a nice thing to do".  Reach out to me, if you need assistance.

Focus on engaging people with your story. Don't focus on the money need . To elevate the impact of your value proposition, create a video in your own words. Share it with everyone.  
Tell your story with . . . 
Who you are, family life and current student or citizen achievements?
What the money is for by detailing your college expenses and what will you do academically and community wise while you're in college?
Why you want to go to college?
How will you use your college education to make an impact on your community and the world?  Touch people hearts by explaining how you're college education relates to their life.
Student Juan Rubio explains in this video
How to be successful crowdfunding for college

5. Apply for Paid Internships
Beyond what the college financial aid office does with internships, do your own homework identifying paid internships.  This is a double edge sword with gaining business experience and developing another income source to finance college. Check out to identify paid internships in your local area.

Internship 101: How To Get A Paid Internshipby Uneak Tershai
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6. Read A Book To Organize Your Scholarship Search
The Scholarship System: 6 Simple Steps on How to Win Scholarships and Financial Aid by Jocelyn Paonita Pearson.  Jocelyn tapped into multiple funding sources totaling over $125,000 in scholarships and financial aid. She paid all of her 4 year college expenses, had extra cash each semester and graduated debt free.

The Scholarship System's Paying for College Series: 
Reducing Your Tuition Bill

7. Leverage Associations and Community Organizations
The National Scholarship Providers Association has an extensive list of associations, foundations and community members that provide scholarships to attend university. From the Marine Corps League Foundation, to Prospanica (NSHMBA), to The Black MBAs, to The Knights of Columbus, to the Islamic Scholarship Fund reach out and/or get involved in professional, cultural or community associations.  This includes college fraternitiessororitiesco-educational fraternities and alumni associations

Don't discount your Parents' or a relative's membership in a labor union. Respectfully ask them to champion your education cause, through their union. According to U.S. New and World Reportmore than 14.5 million American workers are in a union and have access to money for college.  Start with applying for Union Plus Scholarship.

8. Consider Corporations With Tuition Reimbursement Programs
This is how I paid for my 4 year college education. Did you know companies like Walmart, McDonalds, Starbucks, Food Lion and Home Depot have employee college tuition reimbursement programs? Savvy intrapreneurs always look for ways to give themselves a raise, even when raises may not be forthcoming at work. College tuition reimbursement is a raise and money in the bank. Think promotions and career advancement with a college degree.  Reach out to me, if you need assistance getting into the companies listed below.

9. Start a Part-Time Business
This is my personal favorite, because it sets the stage for creating a steady stream of residual income beyond college graduation. A business tarted in college can create additional income, augmenting your job salary. Feel free to contact me, if you need help or want to kick around a few business ideas. 

Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Susan Gregg Koger and Mark Zuckerberg started their businesses as college students.  You can start small to generate $500 to $2,000 per month in income. Focus on solving student problems at your college campus by providing consumables. Something as simple as having energy drinks could make you a rainmaker to students studying late at night, when the stores are closed. How about care packages made up of snacks for home sick students? Get paid to organize holiday / spring break vacations for students. Not everyone wants to go home. snacks for home sick students? Get paid to organize holiday / spring break vacations for students. Not everyone wants to go home.  Click here to contact me, if you want to apply to be considered for our Friends Helping Friends Succeed business asset mentoring program.

Why Starting a Business is More Important Than College
video with with 
Jenna (DiMaria) Kimball and Jeff Shea

10. Develop Online and Off-Line Power Networking Skills
Networking is the engine that drives the results of each strategy above. 

2 networking facts; 1) No one is self made. Interrelationships with people are essential for any endeavor to be successful and 2) It's never too early to start networking throughout high school and college.

Whether you are networking online or offline, you must learn the proper etiquette and language of networking. Learn networking terms like edification, reciprocate, the ask, networking leeches, influence, pay it forward, good will bank, networking capital etc..  The book 10 Powerful Networking Secrets of Influential People is a great resource to develop power networking skills.

BONUS Strategy
11. Be Fearless Playing The Scholarship Cultural Diversity Card

There is no shame or dishonor applying for scholarship money set aside for specific people of ethnic diversity or economic status.  Be proud of who you are and count your ancestral family heritage as a blessing that positions you with additional opportunities to pursue your goal of receiving a college education without debt.  You can start here and then go here OR go here for Scholarships By Cultural Heritage Ethnicity.

"People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care" -Zig Ziglar
Carl E. Reid, CSI - USMC 79/80 
"Deep Expertise at intersections of Business, Networking and Technology"
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POSI-TALK Challenge Infographic

A small adjustment with word usage can have a powerful impact elevating your customer or client experience, with an increase to your bottom line income as a by-product.  Word of mouth [aka online reviews] is still the best advertising to maintain and expand a business and your reputation.  POSI-TALK also goes a long way to increasing morale and productive team interactions among co-workers too.  

To create some friendly competition, consider getting teammates to participate in the POSI-TALK Challenge below the infographic.

Take the POSI-TALK Challenge
Place an empty clear cup or jar in a prominent place in the office for all team members to be able to view it.


For the next 2 weeks (3/20) try to avoid using Negative talk by replacing it with POSI-TALK words or phrases. If someone on the team checks you saying a negative word, you have to place a penny in the jar.  It will be a learning experience for everyone.  Persons saying "CHECK" will start checking themselves.

Everyone is a winner and no one loses, if you dare take the challenge.  Let's have some fun doing it, as we all learn together.

50 Steps To Implement A Successful Intrapreneur Program

Similar to what happens when employees are promoted to manager without managerial training, identifying potential Intrapreneur talent requires a solid, company mission focused development plan.
As a person who cares about the success of your company, you want to be clear in your mind that an Intrapreneur program is not a silver bullet for companies experiencing organizational issues that require senior leadership to solve. For those types of serious issues I recommend engaging a company that specializes in turning companies around, like Board of Retired CEOs run by trusted business associate Ted Santos. Visit to check out business case articles published on their web site.

The focus of developing an Intrapreneur program is to provide a company with 21st century competitive advantage with "1st to market" products and/or services. This is achieved by identifying, training and most importantly, empowering key employees who display unorthodox business savvy initiatives that benefit their departments, teams and the company in achieving its mission.

Unlike definitive careers (i.e. accountant, engineer, teacher etc.), being an Intrapreneur is not a career path. Being an Intrapreneur is a high quality service performed across job functions. A person working in the mail room could be an Intrapreneur just the same as an architect being an Intrapreneur within her department. Intrapreneurship is an action oriented, fearless mindset combined with a problem solving attitude that has a laser beam focus on leveraging the talent of a well developed people network inside and outside the company.  This sets the stage for collaborative synergies that create Solutionsidentify competitive advantage Benefits and achieve RESULTS.


Step 1: Engage all stakeholders and coordinate with Human Resources from the beginning to drive the development of the Intrapreneur program.
Step 2: Identify 1 to 3 senior executives willing to champion the Intrapreneur program throughout the senior leadership team
Step 3: Get CEO / Senior Executives buy in.
Step 4: Engage an Intrapreneur consulting company to help expedite intrapreneurship program implementation.
Step 5: Engage seasoned internal and external intrapreneurs to lead training workshops and share experience knowledge.
Step 6: Emphasize company ownership of the internal management to ensure achievement of the Intrapreneur program results and the success of each Intrapreneur employee.

Phase II - Network and Strategy Preparation

Step 7: Identify case studies of Intrapreneur success stories.
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Phase III - Program Development

Step 17: Define goals and objectives of Intrapreneur Program and align the program with company mission, values and vision.Subscribe in right column to get the other 12 steps in Phase III

Phase IV - Program Implementation

Step 39: Start an Intrapreneur ERG Incubator w/ $2,500 to $5,000 budget.Subscribe in right column to get the other steps in Phase III

Phase V - Evaluate ROI To Improve Success

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About the Author - click here to contact CarlWith corporate travels from the mail room to the board room, Carl E. Reid knows what it takes to be successful in the business arena. He has over 46 years of business experience, including 34 years as an information technology expert, 20 years as a business startup / career coach and 23 years as a successful entrepreneur. In addition to being founder of Savvy Intrapreneur, Carl has been a professional blogger and social media expert since 2004. In addition to being a sought after speaker, he publishesLibrary of Congress recognizedblogs . Carl has been published in "Network World" and "Computer Monthly" magazines, resulting in being a technology expert witness in court. 
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