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Are You a Rainmaker?

“Rainmaker 101”
by Carl E. Reid

Enter the rainmaker, the subject of movies and mythology, part human-part god. The truth is anyone has the potential be a rainmaker. It takes a solution oriented positive attitude, highly developed interpersonal skills, trained senses to constantly spot opportunities and most importantly, courage in taking risks. Intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs are rainmakers in training. It’s a work in progress to be a consistent rainmaker. S/He is someone people are attracted to with a willingness to work collaboratively on projects.

Within organizations certain departments are looked upon as rainmakers in their ability to sustain or increase a company’s financial growth. It could be the sales force in an insurance company. In the banking arena, the trading floor is the prized group. The fund raising department in a non-profit organization walks on water.

Rainmakers can also be individual people who develop business for themselves or their company. Being a rainmaker is not necessarily related to just finances. Yes, they are great business developers when placed in that role. But, rainmakers are also people who rise to become leaders and affect change in themselves and others. They strive for balanced personal and career lives. Rainmakers are successes in their field, mentors, role models, and magnets for people attracted to excellence. . .

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