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Good Will Bank Pays BIG Dividends

"If you help enough people get what they want in life, you will get what you want in life" - Zig Ziglar

Some of my coaching clients have expressed a common problem by saying "I give of myself to so many people and organizations, but I get very little in return. I do what I do just for the sake of just helping people, without expecting any thing back. It would be nice, if I received a "thank you" note or a card for my birthday. When is my time going to come?"

Life pays dividends back to you based on the deposits made to the Good Will Bank. You may not receive anything from a person you help. No recognition, No thank you, no birthday card. Like any investment, the time we put into helping people pays dividends in the form of opportunities placed in our path from other people we meet.

The trick is recognize each opportunity as a withdrawal from the Good Will Bank. The more we do for others, as a deposit into the Good Will bank, the bigger the withdrawal in the form of opportunities coming your way.

When was the last time you sent a thank you note or sent a birthday card to someone that helped you, encouraged you or just plain made you feel good about yourself?

You have to Give to Get? Then give some more. . .

Forget about what you did for someone and they did not appreciate it. Move on. Keep your deposits steady in the Good Will Bank. Then you make your withdrawals at the least expected moment when opportunity knocks.

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  1. This article makes think about life in a very different way now. I'll be back for more incites. Thank you


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