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"Expert" is Ultimate Earning Power

Multiple college degrees, certifications and passing all the licensing exams in the world are relatively worthless, because obtaining them still denies a person THE prized title of being called an "Expert" in their chosen field. A bizillion years of Experience does NOT make a person an "Expert".

While working as a business analyst in a healthcare organization, a doctor gave me a powerful lesson. He was championing the implementation of a computerized patient care system. At every meeting he kept insisting we speed up the project timetable. The more he insisted the system be implemented quicker the more careful and annoyed I became. My team and I were going to get burnt, if the system implementation was anything less than a success.

One day I spoke to him privately. I asked him "what is your problem with speeding up the implementation?” He responded "I can't publish until the system is up and running in my department". I didn't get it. What did publishing have to do implementing a computerized system? He went on to explain, "Once the system is in place, my earning power increases. I am also recognized as an Expert to my peers". Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

No one is considered an "Expert" in their field, until they are published. Writing a magazine article, a book, writing for a newsletter or even writing a blog gives people the distinct title of "Expert". Having something in print says, "that person knows their stuff".

If you aren't comfortable with writing, hire a ghostwriter to structure your ideas. This still lets you pen your name as the author. Writing articles for magazines is a great way to earn extra money. The first time I had an article published in a computer magazine, the editor gave me my own column. I received payment for submitting an article every month.

The book that helped me get published is "2005 Writers Market". It's a fabulous resource, because it lists editor/publisher contact information on all periodicals and magazines looking for articles. Submission requirements and pay rate information is also included. It also provides great tips and ideas for writing articles and how to submit them.

Once you are published, your earning power escalates. Now you're considered an "Expert" So have plenty of article reprints produced.
- Mention it in your resume
- Present the article to a prospective employer
- Article reprints are powerful marketing tools with clients

Once I was hired as a "Computer Technology Expert" for the defense, in an unfair employee dismissal court case. The other side objected, but the judge looked at my dossier and referenced my articles as making me an Expert. I continued my testimony. End of story.

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