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Marketing ME, Inc. at Work

Marketing yourself doesn't stop once you land a job. No matter what you went through or how long you searched, getting hired was still the easy part. Maintaining position at a job is the hard part. It is essential to survival that daily actions shout marketing, marketing, marketing ME,Inc. as your battle cry. Business is war. Marketing yourself strengthens alliances for protection against any corporate land mines encountered.

Everyone is expendable as companies try to run lean on human resources. That means the closest anyone can achieve is being indispensable. Become the “go to” person in your department, but don't try to overshadow your boss.

The goal of marketing yourself at work is to continuously burn a visual snap shot of you and your abilities into a person's mind. Have you heard the saying “out of site, out of mind”? What commercials stand out the most? We remember commercials we see over and over again.

Focus everyday on developing yourself into a walking, talking and memorable commercial. Simple daily actions at work help achieve the goal of keeping your name in front of people.

- Get customers and coworkers to write about you. After helping someone, listen for the magic words "I owe you one" or "How can I repay you" or "I really appreciate what you did. You saved me". These statements open a door of opportunity for you to market yourself. The cool thing is the other person does all the work for you. Once a person opens that door, ask them to write your CEO, or whoever is steering the company, a 2-3 sentence reference letter about what you did for them(with a copy to you). Make sure a copy is placed in your file with Human Resources. These emails/letters also make excellent testimonials, the next time you are looking for a job. This is my favorite marketing technique. It gives you maximum exposure, because your name will filter down through the organizational chart to your boss. If you ask a person to write directly to your boss, what do you think the chances are the letter will filter up?

- Copy people that are peripherally involved on project status emails. This shows you as an effective communicator in keeping everyone informed. It also prevents people from saying "I'm not in the loop".

- Smile and say hello to everyone in the office, even when getting on the elevator. It's a great icebreaker for getting to know people in unrelated departments.

- Volunteer for aspects of projects other people don't want to own

- Without infringing on your time, look for opportunities to help a coworker accomplish a goal

- Say "thank you" and "please" no matter how small an act someone has provided you. This includes the people who empty your waste paper basket and deliver your mail

- Email informational articles to coworkers within and outside your department. Make sure the information is of value and relative to each person

- Volunteer to take and distribute meeting minutes. This is another soft excuse for using email to keep your name in front of people.

- Organize socials or luncheons. This does not have to be a major project. If you're going to lunch anyway, invite other coworkers. This is a good way for you to introduce other people they may not know in the office.

- Send a coworker an electronic birthday card

- When you create documentation make sure your name and telephone number appear on the cover page. Ditto for team members, if you collaborate on documentation.

- Keep inexpensive wrapped snacks on your desk(i.e. miniature Hershey bars). This gets people to visit and interact with you more often. It also allows you to work while talking.

- Present new ideas or make suggestions to improve something at work

- Ask your boss for a reference letter while you are on good terms. Say you're going to college and need the letter to receive credit for life experiences. Have a copy placed in your HR folder. Then save the letter for future job hunting or as evidence if things go awry between you and your boss.

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