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Intrapreneur or Entrepreneur? by Andrew J. Birol

The article below, by Andrew J. Birol, shows the pros and cons of Intrapreneurship vs. Entrepreneurship. It's a great article in pointing out the benefits of being an intrapreneur, but there is little too much emphasis on the risk factors. Remember Gifford Pinchot's Intrapreneur Commandment #1, as you read this article.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
When a company’s growth begins to dwindle, boardroom meetings grow strained and the finger pointing starts. Executives cry out, "We need a new strategy! We need to hire better people! Our culture is to blame! Our compensation is wrong!" The founder, if he or she is still around, sadly states, "We have more people, resources, and money than ever. But now we are so big we can’t even get out of our own way!" Embarrassed, a politically perceptive staffer serves up a popular buzzword. "Intrapreneurs! What we need are Intrapreneurs!" The "hip" executive explains that Intrapreneurs are "Inside Entrepreneurs" who will follow their founder’s example. The Intrapreneur, he or she promises, will buck the corporate malaise, risk his or her career to get things done and, is willing to "do the right thing to serve the customer". As everyone looks around the room for this potential savior of growth, what do they see? Executives’ eyes around the table react in three different ways:

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