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Guardian Angel 10 Commandments

As a child, my parents instilled in me the golden rule of neighborly etiquette. "Don't wear out your welcome at a friend's house". This rule is especially true in dealing with your guardian angel within a company organization. Just because your guardian angel is in a senior management position above the person you report to, it doesn't mean one should make a daily pilgrimage to their office.

These are rare instances that a person is blessed with an ally at the top of the corporate food chain. This guardian angel takes a genuine interest in your well being and career development. S/he may even mentor you from time to time. A guardian angel is not always a mentor. Their organizational position may mean you rarely see them, except for a per chance "hello" in the hallway.

Following the 10 commandments of maintaining a relationship with a corporate guardian angel, insures they will make themselves available to back you up in your time of need. A guardian angel in your corner facilitates having a champion to promote you and any ideas you wish to suggest in the company.

1. Don't abuse, take advantage of or brag about the relationship with your guardian angel. Respect their time and space.

2. Provide useful information that helps them do their job more effectively. If you come across an article of interest, email it to them and copy their assistant. Give them snippets of how your team is progressing on a project(s), with a blind carbon copy of "summarized" status reports. Find out their personal interests (sports, art collecting etc.). Then send them relevant articles or announcements about related events they can attend. Guardian angels like to relax too.

3. Show them you can hold your own in establishing your position in the organization. Guardian angels support people. They do not carry people. Your guardian angel could leave at any time. You will be in deep trouble, if you cannot stand on your own 2 feet with established accomplishments to your credit.

4. When having a conversation with your guardian angel, introduce them to any person you know who may pass by. This spotlights your team building skills.

5. Never tell a guardian angel stories about others, unless it is positive or upbeat.

6. Ask a guardian angel about things they do to achieve and maintain success. Show the same interest in them as they have in you. The longevity of any relationship is always based on reciprocity. "No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care" - Zig Ziglar

7. Don't allow guardian angels to base the relationship on making you their personal spy. If word gets out about it, and it will, you can kiss your career good bye at that organization. Even rats don't like other rats. Trust is the foundation of success for people and companies.

8. Resolve issues you may encounter with your boss, on your own. Guardian angels will hear about it either way. Remember commandment #3

9. Having a guardian angel is a blessing and privilege, not a right. They could disappear at any moment. So stay in touch with them after they leave an organization. Refer to commandement #3

10. Align yourself with the guardian angel's gate keeper. Executive and Administrative Assistants are the true power houses behind executives.

Oh! Did I jump ahead about having a guardian angel, without providing the secret on how to acquire a guardian angel?

Hold that thought. . .

Copyright (c) 2006 Savvy Intrapreneur & C. E. Reid

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