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WARNING: Being a Savvy Intrapreneur means developing 8 Key Assets for a smart 21st century career strategy that may lead to recognition as a high profile person of influence with your network, promotions and multiple income opportunities.

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Never Give Away Your Bottom Line

Many of my coaching clients ask me a common question. How should I answer the question "How much are you looking for"" or "What salary are you looking for?"

Over on Find a New Job, there's a savvy article on calculating the
value of a vacation week. Jose Anes is obviously a Savvy Intrapreneur, in pointing how we should place a value on our work and so called free time. We should do the same thing in asking for a salary.

If giving yourself a raise is one of your job search goals, then start preparing for the salary negotiation. Notice I said "giving yourself a raise", not getting a raise. We are each in control of how much we earn. That includes owning the process of negotiating for more money. The first money offer does not have to be accepted.

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