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Movers, Shakers and Rainmakers Are Givers

"No body cares how much you know until they know how much you care" -Zig Ziglar

Givers are the people, others remember most. Networking leaders are connectors who give, without the thought of something in return. Givers are the best marketers of their business or career skills. They understand the concept of keeping their name in front of people.

At your last business meeting, which could have been an interview, did you do the usual follow up? Yes you did. "Thank you for your time . . . yada, yada yada."
Since you didn't get the job or contract, now you have no more use for that person. Now you stop communicating with them. If you closed the deal or received the job offer letter, now you stay in touch with the person. There's something wrong with that picture. Then we wonder why do not get ahead in life.

Movers, shakers and rainmakers stay in touch, no matter what the outcome. Givers leverage relationships. They don't use people. During a business meeting the conversation provided a little insight the interviewer was into collectibles or golf or their company's community service "green" initiatives.

Movers, shakers and rainmakers key in on what is of interest to the other person. They follow up with articles, events, forums or organizations that may be of interest to that person. A year later givers are still performing this process. Movers, shakers and rainmakers are farmers that continue to plant seeds of good will. Eventually there is a harvest that bears personal fruit. When it happens, it usually produces BIG results for the givers.

Every time you send something to someone or call them, you are doing due diligence in keeping your name in front of people. This is called marketing. Have you heard the term "out of sight out of mind"? Any opportunity to share something with a person is marketing YOU. Become a living, breathing, walking, talking, writing marketing machine.

Friends, family and business associates are all part of the giving strategy that movers, shakers and rainmakers include in their selfless marketing strategy.

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