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Being Nimble is Key to Survival in Job Market

Being Nimble is Key to Survival in Job Market
There is a difference between nimble and flexible. After landing a job, employees must be flexible to daily management priorities.  Whether employed or in a job search, being nimble requires continuous forward thinking to respond quickly to dynamic company or economic shifts.   One organization provides education programs that teach members to be nimble thinkers.

Charlotte, NC April 28, 2010 -- Developing interdependent network relationships is a learned skill to remain agile in keeping your business options open.  With networking as a core foundation to accomplish this, Empowering Today’s Professionals (ETP) Network has established quite a track record helping hundreds of people land jobs in the last 12 months. 

With much success holding “self empowering” career management meetings in the New York and New Jersey area, ETP Network is expanding south into Charlotte, NC.   Led by ETP Network member and CEO of Gala Affairs by AtUrbest, Amanda Sherman, the ETP Charlotte Network Group will hold its 3rd meeting on April 29, 2010 at 6:00PM at Weeping Willow Fellowship Hall 2220 Milton Rd Charlotte, NC 28215.   “The fact that professionals and business owners are taught to be their own CEO of ME, Inc., success is more assured in the current economy. This is why I’m proud to be associated with ETP Network.  I look forward to hosting ETP Network CEO, Mr. Rod Colon as guest speaker at our meeting” says Ms. Sherman.

Beyond college and MBA programs, knowing the approaches and etiquette for properly developing network relationships positions professionals to stay poised for reacting to unknown business changes.  “To empower our members to hit the ground running, our member services team bundles our book Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs as part of every membership package”, says Rod Colon, Founder and CEO of Empowering Today’s Professionals Network.  Rod further states “combining our weekly job search training calls with our proprietary 7 Step Job Search © allows members to multi-thread advocates to facilitate scheduling job interviews quicker”.

So being ready to adjust at a moment’s notice is really what nimble is about.  This can only be achieved by aligning oneself with a global organization, such as ETP Network.  The synergy of a network supporting each individual to succeed makes all the difference for ongoing success, no matter how economic factors impact corporations.  “Our secret weapon for keeping members nimble is our newly implemented ETP Network Angel program.  Our angels inside companies help ETP Network members to get placed at the head of the line for interviews. Our benefits package has proven to work for both career professionals and business owners. No other organization teaches members how to network. We do.” states Carl E. Reid, ETP Network Chief Operations Officer.

About Empowering Today’s Professionals (ETP) Network
The mission of ETP Network is to encourage, train, support, mentor and advise fellow CEOs of ME, Incorporated in all aspects of defined responsibilities to their personal Board of Directors. ETP's proven education programs and methodologies guide each member through "HOW" to specifically land a job and develop self empowering career management goals.  Tel: 732-367-5580 Web: 

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