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World's Greatest Sales People

Kids are people too.

Every child is naturally born with extraordinary selling skills.  As adults, we either lose or suppress these skills. This stymies our ability to spot win-win-win opportunities that benefit all parties.

Presenting ideas, solutions, products, services, marriage proposals, requests for raises, college applications, counter proposals to sweeten employee buy out packages, answers to job interview questions,  amendments to retirement benefits, grant requests, dispute settlements, encouragement to our children for better grades, suggestions to improve employee performance, a salary negotiation etc. all fall under selling opportunities.

Lessons can be learned about selling and tenacity by watching children. They are, by far, the very best sales persons in the world. They never, I mean never take "No" for an answer. They wear their parent(s) out and down, until they hear "Yes".

Children search for a parent's hot buttons, so they [children] can address all objections.  Once a child finds out what the parental objection is, they present a case that addresses those objections.  Children always ask "Why". Then a child innately provides a work around solution to get their parents to "buy in" to what the child is selling.

Is this a familiar scenario? Child is in the store with his mother. They're going through the check out and the child asks her mother for a candy bar. The mother says "no". Child says "oh please, I'll be good?". Mother says "no". Child says "but mom, I'll be good". Mom says "no, it will spoil you're appetite". Child says "If you buy me the candy bar, I'll eat it after dinner". Mom says "OK, but you have to eat dinner first".

Ka-Ching . . . this child just made a sale.

Savvy Intrapreneurs watch children and learn. It's a beautiful thing and you might even close more deals, get that raise, a promotion, have more of your ideas accepted at work or get hired for that dream job, from your lessons learned by observing children. I know I have.


About the Author: Carl E. Reid, CSI -
"Success Synergy thru Intrapreneur  Savvy, Human Capital and Tech Strategy"
With corporate travels from the mail room to the board room, Carl E. Reid knows what it takes to be successful. He has over 40 years of business experience, including 27 years as a technology expert, 16 years as a business career coach and 18 years as a successful entrepreneur. Carl has been a professional blogger and social media strategist since 2004.  In addition to being a sought after speaker and published author, he has coached and inspired hundreds of people to land jobs and start successful businesses. Carl is Chief Operations Officer for Empowering Today's Professionals and "Foreword" author in fast selling book Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs. *** Tel: 201-222-5390  - Email: CReid3005[AT} ****

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