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Many years back, I received a promotion from working in the mailroom to administrative assistant in Office Services. This new position also made me a supervisor of the mailroom.

This should have been a satisfying position. But nooooo. After a month passed, I was already looking beyond the promotion and raise. I was itching to start my own business as a computer consultant. Ironically, other than a Radio Shack pocket TRS-80 I programmed in BASIC, I did not know very much about computers. Go figure.

Despite having very little computer skills I was determined to have my own business as a computer consultant. I was in the right place at the right time. Working in Office Services and the mailroom connected me to serving 200+ computer programmers on 2 floors at the World Trade Center. So maybe their skills would just rub off on me, so I could fulfill my dream as a computer consultant. At least, that's what I envisioned.

Those were some crazy thoughts I had, but they were all mine. The thought of having my own business sustained me through the madness of day-to-day office politics in the company. I had something to look forward to. Most people in the company had nothing to look forward to, except working at the company again the next day. . . and the next day after that.

A couple of months later, I had a company print up 1,000 pens with "C. Reid, Computer Consultant 333-444-9999" . Woo hoo!!. I was in business now. I still had almost no computer skills. But I had a DREAM.

My business printed pens were prominently displayed on my desk about 1 day, before a manager attempts to drop me down 10 flights of stairs. I had great respect for this manager. I knew he was the person to be around. As he comes in to see my boss, he eyes my printed pens. He picks one up and reads the pen. He looks at me. He repeats what's printed on the pen. He says to me sarcastically "so what do you know about computers" . I respond "as soon as you hire me, I'll know more than I do now" . He laughed hard and stepped off on me.

I was a little embarrassed by his comment, but I was not deterred. I eventually was hired in the company as a mainframe developer. It took quite a few more years and few more jobs later before I did become a computer consultant. I did start my own computer consulting company.

Quite a few years later, I ran into that same manager at a technology conference. His facial expression showed he was in shock, when I answered his "so what are you doing these days?" question. I responded" I not only became a computer consultant, but I am also founder, CEO & President of a successful technology consulting company". He shook my hand and said "Good work. You have come a long way from the mailroom". I felt proud that he recognized me.
The point is I never stopped dreaming. I kept made my dream bigger than I was. It sustained me through the worst of working jobs, because I always had hope. Most people don't, unless they become a Savvy Intrapreneur.

Copyright (c) Savvy Intrapreneur & Carl. E. Reid

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