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10 Powerful LinkedIn Networking Tips (Part I)

This is part I of a 2 part article.   Read Part II here.

With the success of my 2 popular books, "10 Powerful Networking Secrets Of Influential People" and "10 Powerful Networking Tips Using Business Cards", the same proven "High Tech HIGH TOUCH" networking principles can be applied to  personalized networking with LinkedIn.
If you look at my LinkedIn profile you will see approximately 1,600 people in my network. Although that may seem like a small network, I can 100% guarantee that I can ask ANYONE in my network for a favor. That translates into 1,600 reliable people gateways who are willing to leverage thousands of people in their cumulative networks. Can people who have upwards of 10,000+ LinkedIn connections make the same 100% claim?  Networking on LinkedIn or any social media platform is about developing quality relationships, not quantity of connections.
What is your percentage of people you can tap for a favor, because they know you on a personal level?  If your answer is 100%, read no further . . . In comments below, feel free to share positive methods you use to network on LinkedIn.
1. Follow The Law of Attraction
The goal of each person's existence on LinkedIn should be to attract the attention of other like minded individuals to engage in conversation or social media interaction that develops or leads to mutually beneficial outcomes.
The number of mutually beneficial outcomes from LinkedIn network connections is unlimited. This only happens with an engaging profile Summary. Your LinkedIn Summary is the honey pot for attracting interest from profile visitors.

Your profile Summary should be comprised of 3 motivating ingredients to make your visitor want to read the rest of your LinkedIn profile:
- Be brief
- Tell a story about results achieved
- Tune in to your visitor's WIIFM (how can I help you?)
2. Maintain Your Brand By Pinging People
During my "Power Networking In A Social Media World" seminars at least one person asks me "how do I keep up with all the people my network?".  There are several ways to stay in touch, without impacting your daily work / personal schedule.  Let's start with LinkedIn's pinging tool explained below.
How much longer does it take to spell out the word "Congratulations", adding a couple of more PERSONAL words [on your promotion, job anniversary, birthday etc.]" vs. just quickly sending the LinkedIn canned word "Congrats".
I make a habit to ping 3 to 5 people at least 3-4 times a week. It takes less than 5 minutes, but each personal note buys me a lasting, memorable commercial with each person I ping. Sometimes I get responses back, which means a home run in developing a continued relationship with that person.
Think of LinkedIn congratulations messages as your own personal TV commercial with a captured audience.
Who would you more easily remember and want to continue developing a relationship ? . . . . 49 people creating a blurry moment in your mind by lazily sending "Congrats" in 49 separate messages?
THE person who creates a memorable impression by taking time to write you a personalized 1 sentence note?
3. Avoid Wearing Amateur Label
LinkedIn provides canned messages as examples to jump start or continue conversations. Using LinkedIn canned messages "as is" places the words "networking amateur" squarely on your forehead.  Since the LinkedIn smart phone / mobile app automatically uses the canned messages, I always wait until I'm in front of a computer so I have more control customizing my messages.
For the same reasons mentioned above, I have learned to increase my sphere of influence 100% by sending personalized LinkedIn invitations to connect.
Increase the chances of each person accepting your LinkedIn invitation by adding an "ice breaker sentence". Your opening sentence preceding the LinkedIn canned invitation message makes for a warmer, trusted acceptance of your invitation to connect on LinkedIn. Below are suggested opening sentences.
In order to know a person take time to research [Google] what motivates them or find out what business interests, projects, or community associations they're involved in. Then consider placing the suggested opening phrases below, in front of the LinkedIn canned invite message:
  •  It was great meeting you at . . .
  • I read your article [title] ...
  • Congratulations on your recent promotion I read in [reference newspaper / blog / press release site]. . .
  • I noticed you and I are both interested in . . .
  • [If connecting with CEOs / senior executives] I read a press release about your company's new initiative . . .
  • Since we are members of [Group name] on LinkedIn. . .
  • You and I are involved in similar community interests related to . . .
  • I listened to your talk on . . .
By now you get the idea and can add your own personal opening phrase to create a warm, trusted LinkedIn invitation that makes each person willingly accept and be excited about being in your network.
4. Act Invisible. Be Invisible.
There are many good reasons for a missing LinkedIn profile picture. None of those reasons hold any importance to the person visiting your LinkedIn profile. As Bob Burg mentions in his book Endless Referrals, "people do business with people they know like and trust".  As THE first point of contact, your LinkedIn profile picture with a smiling head shot immediately creates a warm, memorable 1st impression.
When I receive a LinkedIn invitation from a person with no profile picture, how can a trusted relationship evolve if I don't know who it is? NO PICTURE. NO CONNECTION.
5. Be A Groupee Activist
Join LinkedIn groups related to your professional, personal and community interests.  Also consider starting a LinkedIn group centered around topics related to your offering of business problem solutions.
Performing 3 actions in LinkedIn groups increases  your opportunities to attract people to be part of your network.  You can shine as an expert in your business specialties by
  • Asking questions
  • Answering questions
  • Liking and Commenting on answers / questions.
Invite active group members to join your LinkedIn network. Contrary to popular belief, people in LinkedIn groups are NOT automatically connected to each other. Using the commonality of group association in your opening sentence (Tip #3 above), you must still send a LinkedIn invitation to connect with people in each group you join.
Stay tuned for part II of this 2 part series . . .
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With corporate travels from the mail room to the board room, Carl E. Reid knows what it takes to be successful in the business arena. He has over 46 years of business experience, including 34 years as an information technology expert, 20 years as a business startup / career coach and 23 years as a successful entrepreneur. In addition to being founder of Savvy Intrapreneur, Carl has been a professional blogger and social media expert since 2004. In addition to being a sought after speaker, he publishes Library of Congress recognized blogs www.SavvyIntrapreneur.com and www.iTechSpeak.com . Carl has been published in "Network World" and "Computer Monthly" magazines, resulting in being a technology expert witness in court. 
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