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POSI-TALK Challenge Infographic

A small adjustment with word usage can have a powerful impact elevating your customer or client experience, with an increase to your bottom line income as a by-product.  Word of mouth [aka online reviews] is still the best advertising to maintain and expand a business and your reputation.  POSI-TALK also goes a long way to increasing morale and productive team interactions among co-workers too.  

To create some friendly competition, consider getting teammates to participate in the POSI-TALK Challenge below the infographic.

Take the POSI-TALK Challenge
Place an empty clear cup or jar in a prominent place in the office for all team members to be able to view it.


For the next 2 weeks (3/20) try to avoid using Negative talk by replacing it with POSI-TALK words or phrases. If someone on the team checks you saying a negative word, you have to place a penny in the jar.  It will be a learning experience for everyone.  Persons saying "CHECK" will start checking themselves.

Everyone is a winner and no one loses, if you dare take the challenge.  Let's have some fun doing it, as we all learn together.

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