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WARNING: Being a Savvy Intrapreneur means developing 8 Key Assets for a smart 21st century career strategy that may lead to recognition as a high profile person of influence with your network, promotions and multiple income opportunities.

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How to Make a Company Intrapreneur Friendly

How do you know if you work in an intrapreneurial company? To answer this question, below are some questions to ask yourself about your company.

The answers to the questions below are also good start for implementing an intrapreneurship program. Identified intrapreneurs can create win-win-win situations for customers, the company and you.  You win as a manager, because the company has wins and the Intrapreneur wins as standing out with recognition.
  • Are intrapreneur coaches being engaged to jump start top down strategies with workshops, group lunch and learns and 1 on 1 coaching?
  • Does the human resources department provide funding for an company intrapreneur association, similar to a say a diversity club initiative?
  • Is management accessible to their intrapreneurs. 
  • Are intrapreneurs allowed to make you part of their network of human resources, in order for them to be effective rainmakers inside and outside the company. 
  • Do senior executives have employee “town hall meetings” to identify potential new intrapreneurs? Based on who has the “brave heart” to present new ideas or who ask intelligent questions that enhance [your] company directives or initiatives. Allow the staff that “YES” you to death to go quietly back to their desks after the town hall meeting.  
  • Are intrapreneurs nurtured [training] and challenged to prepare them for those unforeseen obstacles that will cross their paths.

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