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Being a savvy intrapreneur is good for corporations. Companies embrace those people that think like business owners, as they perform their job. Savvy intrapreneurs get more respect from management, because management knows they can rely on people who do; not just talk.

As a trusted business associate,
Rod Colon recently stated "today's business climate has created an atmosphere of quiet desperation for many professionals globally."
In one of my previous newsletter I referred to a report published in 2005 by the U.S. Department of Labor. I thought it was worth mentioning again, for those who do not subscribe to the free "Savvy Intraprenuer" newsletter. This is presented to those still riding that career roller coaster ride.

From the DOL report . . .
"The demand for skilled workers is outpacing supply, resulting in attractive, high-paying jobs going unfilled. When companies do not find the talent they need within our borders, they seek it abroad. Global competition will reinforce the economic premium on knowledge workers, leaving low or unskilled U.S. workers increasingly vulnerable. 

The shift to knowledge work will reinforce the ongoing trend of “non-traditional” work arrangements. Today, few workers can count on spending their entire careers within one company, and the average person will change jobs nine times or more before the age of 32. Full-time, stable, long-term employment arrangements will continue to decline. Instead, a growing number of workers will be part-timers, temporaries, consultants, or contractors.

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