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Email; The Electronic Business Card

Email is a powerful tool for marketing skills or services. I'm not talking about email marketing campaigns or spamming people. I'm referring to maximizing everyday friendly, business or social emails we send to people we know.

An email sent to just 2 people, who know you, can exponentially get the word out about your business. That single email to 2 people could potentially go out to 2,000 people in less than 1 hour. It's a natural phenomenon inherent to email, called viral marketing.

The subtle properties and functions of an email are under utilized, as passive marketing tools.

Your Email address: Select an address which reflects a professional image, even with friends. If you want people to take your business seriously, then you have to be serious about your business.

Carbon copy [CC] field: Always include those people they may only be slightly involved in your project. So what, if they only came to a status meeting once. Use email to keep them informed and your name in their face. The commercials you remember are the ones you see over and over. An email is your constant commercial. That person might be a potential referral to a new client.

Email Subject: What you type in the "subject" line is crucial to insuring people actually read your email. Always type something in the subject area of an email, even if you received it with a blank subject line. Keep the subject to 36 characters or less. Be succinct, yet informative in writing something that catches attention in the subject line. People open email based on what's in the subject, not because they know you. This shows people you value their time.

Keep in mind spam filters tend to trap email that has the words "hi", "hello" or just "Re:" in the subject line.

Email Signature: This is THE most important advertising area for you. This area is your billboard. It's also your electronic business card. This is the area where you tell people about your business with:
- your business name
- a slogan
- your telephone contact number
- your web site
- a special sale for this week
- maybe your snail mail address

for example my email signature is
C. E. Reid
CEO & President
NetTECH Systems Reid & Associates, Inc.
NetTECH Systems
"Technology Solutions for Tomorrow . . . TODAY"
Tel: 201-222-5390
Publisher of Free "Savvy Intrapreneur" newsletter

Email Replies: Always respond to emails, even when you may not normally respond (i.e. chain letters). If it's an email you enjoyed reading, send a quick reply. Just say "thank you" or "this note made my day" (keep it very short). . . BUT
make sure your email signature shows just below your reply. Click on "reply all" with your quick note. This increases the impact of getting the word out about your business.

Forwarding Email: Again, make sure your email signature shows just below your "FYI" note.

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