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Best Time to Ask for a Recommendation Letter

When life is grand, that's the best time to ask for a recommendation / reference letter. A reference letter can come from a boss, co-workers, clients, community organizations or customers. Every recommendation letter becomes your silent sales person raving about the RESULTS you achieved for her/him. 

  • You and your boss getting along well
  • The powers that be are raving about a project you just completed.
  • You just completed a client project before the deadline and under budget.
  • A client just gave your company another project, due to your efforts.
  • You're in the middle of a project that is high profile.
  • You received an excellent evaluation.
  • You received a bonus or a raise
  • You just received a referral from a satisfied client
  • A customer, client, helpdesk caller says the magic words; "How can I repay you for all your help?"

Ask for a reference letter while you're riding a high wave. Don't hesitate. Do it now. Ask for a reference letter while things are on a high note. Don't get so complacent with how well things are currently going. Be realistic about the future. The only thing that stays the same is change. To think this euphoria will last is fool hearty.

So no red flags are raised, just say you're going back to school and credit is provided for a reference letter against real-life job experience. It's the truth. You may go back to school at some point :-)

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