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50 Steps To Implement A Successful Intrapreneur Program

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Similar to what happens when employees are promoted to manager without managerial training, identifying potential Intrapreneur talent requires a solid, company mission focused development plan.
As a person who cares about the success of your company, you want to be clear in your mind that an Intrapreneur program is not a silver bullet for companies experiencing organizational issues that require senior leadership to solve. For those types of serious issues I recommend engaging a company that specializes in turning companies around, like Board of Retired CEOs run by trusted business associate Ted Santos. Visit www.BoardOfRetiredCEOs.com to check out business case articles published on their web site.

The focus of developing an Intrapreneur program is to provide a company with 21st century competitive advantage with "1st to market" products and/or services. This is achieved by identifying, training and most importantly, empowering key employees who display unorthodox business savvy initiatives that benefit their departments, teams and the company in achieving its mission.

Unlike definitive careers (i.e. accountant, engineer, teacher etc.), being an Intrapreneur is not a career path. Being an Intrapreneur is a high quality service performed across job functions. A person working in the mail room could be an Intrapreneur just the same as an architect being an Intrapreneur within her department. Intrapreneurship is an action oriented, fearless mindset combined with a problem solving attitude that has a laser beam focus on leveraging the talent of a well developed people network inside and outside the company.  This sets the stage for collaborative synergies that create Solutionsidentify competitive advantage Benefits and achieve RESULTS.


Step 1: Engage all stakeholders and coordinate with Human Resources from the beginning to drive the development of the Intrapreneur program.
Step 2: Identify 1 to 3 senior executives willing to champion the Intrapreneur program throughout the senior leadership team
Step 3: Get CEO / Senior Executives buy in.
Step 4: Engage an Intrapreneur consulting company to help expedite intrapreneurship program implementation.
Step 5: Engage seasoned internal and external intrapreneurs to lead training workshops and share experience knowledge.
Step 6: Emphasize company ownership of the internal management to ensure achievement of the Intrapreneur program results and the success of each Intrapreneur employee.

Phase II - Network and Strategy Preparation

Step 7: Identify case studies of Intrapreneur success stories.
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Phase III - Program Development

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Phase IV - Program Implementation

Step 39: Start an Intrapreneur ERG Incubator w/ $2,500 to $5,000 budget.Subscribe in right column to get the other steps in Phase III

Phase V - Evaluate ROI To Improve Success

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About the Author - click here to contact CarlWith corporate travels from the mail room to the board room, Carl E. Reid knows what it takes to be successful in the business arena. He has over 46 years of business experience, including 34 years as an information technology expert, 20 years as a business startup / career coach and 23 years as a successful entrepreneur. In addition to being founder of Savvy Intrapreneur, Carl has been a professional blogger and social media expert since 2004. In addition to being a sought after speaker, he publishesLibrary of Congress recognizedblogs www.SavvyIntrapreneur.com andwww.iTechSpeak.com . Carl has been published in "Network World" and "Computer Monthly" magazines, resulting in being a technology expert witness in court. 
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