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The Trust Factor

Frank Schmidt recently posted an interesting question, regarding trust, on his blog.

What is trust?

My comment to Frank's question is:

"Trust is the very core foundation of every human inter-relationship. Buisnesses produce income based on trust. Repeat sales are based on more solid trust. If company does not fix a service or product problem, the trust factor is lost. Next vendor.

A person marries another, because there is a resonable amount of trust. Any immoral infraction weakens the trust. The emotion of love can usually reinforce any fractures. . . but only for so long, if the trust is continuously broken.

The fluctuation of trust is directly proportional to the fluctuation of human nature. Therefore trust is both predictable and unpredictable.

People aren’t just afraid of being used. They are afraid of what they reveal, being used against them."

No one should work with or be involved with anyone they cannot trust.


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