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It's Person Hours, Man!!

With more emphasis being placed on "Diversity" in the work place, sensitivity in recognizing tasks being performed by both men and women positions each of us strategically better.

As project plans are developed, it is a much better tactical move in referring to "man hours" as "person hours". Wikipedia even makes mention to this consideration; "Obviously the term 'man-hour' was introduced before the use of 'man' as a generic term for a person fell out of favour. More recent alternatives include 'person-hour', 'staff-hour' and 'employee-hour'. Similar terms can be substituted for 'man-month' and 'man-year" .

It's mail carrier or postal worker, not mail man.

It's UPS [delivery] person, not UPS guy.

Etc., etc...

This excellent consideration could mean surviving any reorganization fallout, for those of us who report to a female manager or executive.

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