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Oops!! Wrong Manager

Promoting people from within an organization motivates people and maintains team trust.

Too often people are promoted to the managerial ranks only because they are terrific at performing their core skills. Managing people is a whole new ball game, which requires proper preparation of the person being promoted. Otherwise senior management is just setting up the newly promoted manager for failure. In rare instances, this may be done deliberately [to get rid of someone].

No one comes to work to fail. Preparing people to be successful managers is a delicate process. It should combine mentoring, training and slow practical application on team projects.

A person identified for a leadership role as a manager should be placed continuously in the company of experienced managers. As organizations develop their "
fast track" executive programs, mentoring is the key to success for all parties involved.

The organization should invest in its potential new managers' training. Tuition reimbursement for staff attending management/business related courses should be HIGH on the list of employee motivation programs. This facilitates retention of top producers.

Practical Application

A person's manager must step up to the plate by slowly giving a person more opportunities to manage projects, meetings and teams. If a manager grooms staff properly s/he can focus their attention on the bigger picture in producing results for their organization.

Developing "
People Skills" is tantamount for any manager to be successful. Being able to pursuade people to accomplish a task makes all the difference between average and phenomenal success in business and personal relationships.

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