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Use Leverage Not People

We use computers. We use calculators. We use power tools. We use a Kleenex tissue to blow our nose and discard it.

In personal relationship development the statements "I can use you" or "we could use your organization" should be avoided. These statements deliver a subliminal message that says "when you outlive your usefulness, I won't need you anymore - next".

We leverage people. We leverage a person's position in an organization. We leverage a person's skills, experience or knowledge. We leverage a person's network. We leverage a person's authority to help us a achieve an outcome.

Every person we meet has potential assets we can leverage. People may not be aware they possess assets. The key is identifying those assets. Make the statement "I would like to leverage your [skills], [experience], [organization], [position] etc . . ." or "I have an opportunity that leverages your skills . . .". Then present (aka sell) benefits to people as to why they should align themselves with you.

Stay in touch long after leveraging a person's assets. This eliminates people feeling like they have been used.
People are not a Kleenex tissue.

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