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10 Rules of Office Engagement

There are many unwritten rules when engaging people in an office environment. The key to successful positioning is being "you", but always in a professional manner.

1. No yelling at anyone and allow no one to yell at you, unless the building is on fire.

2. Never make an important decision when angry.

3. Win arguments by being agreeable.

4. Never bring up mistakes of the past.

5. Always smile and say hello to everyone throughout the day.
(including people who empty your waste basket, answer your phone, delivery your mail)

6. Encourage and look out for team members.

7. Leaders serve and support. Bullies discourage and intimidate.

8. If you have to critique someone's work, say something encouraging first.

9. Listen to gossip. Then drop it in the mental wastebasket on the way out the coffee room.

10. If you make a mistake, acknowledge it immediately. Then correct it.

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