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WARNING: Being a Savvy Intrapreneur means developing 8 Key Assets for a smart 21st century career strategy that may lead to recognition as a high profile person of influence with your network, promotions and multiple income opportunities.

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Does Your Job Search Feel like a Scavenger Hunt?

Consider this fact.  There are 3 job offers with your name on them right now.  This could be considered a scavenger hunt that is out of reach.   You need a map and some clues to achieve results in any scavenger hunt.  Click here for THE map that contains clues and answers. I know for a fact many people have found those 3 job offers by incorporating this map into their daily job search routine.

This same map can be used to find new clients.  Looking for new clients is really no different than searching for a job.  Savvy Intrapreneurs continuously invoke "transference of skills" to be on both sides of the employee and business owner fence.  This insures there is always more than one (1) income check with their name on it.

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