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Beware of Complacency Trap Ahead

While driving along the business highway of life it would be so nice if we could constantly see the road sign "Beware of Complacency Trap Ahead".  No one wakes up in the morning, looks in the mirror while shaving or putting on make up, then  deliberately says to themselves "self, I'm going use all my energy today in achieving my long term goals by going out of my way to be happily satisfied with all my accomplishments".  We don't plan for it to happen.  Complacency is an unexpected phenomenon that occurs.  The cause of the complacency trap is allowing environment to control us, instead of being in control of our situation.

Adjective: complacent (kum'pleysunt)
Contented to a fault with oneself or one's actions

  1. "he became complacent after years of success"
    - self-satisfied, self-complacent

Savvy Intrapreneurs and smart business owners know it. Seasoned entrepreneurs are keenly aware of it.  The trip wire that creates an explosion in any career management plan is the claymore mine of complacency

Career management is not limited to staff professionals.  It also includes entrepreneurs and business owners.  Why? Because your career is your business and your business is your career

Complacency is that little sneaky toad that we willingly, yet unknowingly, allow to slowly creep up on us.  It is perceived as a secure environment of satisfied self accomplishment.  We don't mean to do it, but it can easily happen anyway.  The income produced through our efforts of closing a deal or landing a job, dictates every aspect of our life style. "Stick me with a fork, I'm done." is what you say to yourself.

Smart business professionals worth their salt know, if more than 25% of your income is derived through a single source, you just relinquished control of your business and family's life style to someone else. If that's OK with you, the Complacency Soufflé recipe is a perfect read for you.

How do you know you're stuck in the complacency trap?
  • Landing a deal or job is the single focus of maintaining your income. Now you spend every waking minute to maintain position in the organization. Promises of upward mobility, partnerships, more business referrals, being promoted as a valuable team member pushes the success adrenaline into high gear.  Doesn't the sound of "ka ching" in that cash register called your bank account, sound so sweet?  Woo hoo!!  Now 100% of your income and family life style is in the hands of one single entity, called a client, customer, supervisor or manager.
  • You have several job interviews or business meetings scheduled.  Until you receive job offer letters or signed contracts, all you have is a firm grip on an empty sack. It's easy to lose focus and become complacent when this happens.  It's a deadly mistake to stop looking for other jobs or business opportunities, just because a few people have shown interest in what you have to offer.  Interviews and sales business meetings are window shopping excursions for potential buyers.  Be honest with yourself about this process.
Continue to search for solid, profitable opportunities until the goal of avoiding complacency is achieved.  Spread income sources over 2 or more entities.  This is the best way to be good to your family.  Constantly ask yourself the question "If this single source of income disappeared right now, could I maintain the life style I or my family deserve"?

"To thine own self be true . . . " -William Shakespeare

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