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A Bio is Career Management Formal Wear

As ladies should have a formal gown and gentlemen a tuxedo added to their wardrobe, having a bio should be an addition to your career management arsenal of marketing tools. Certain events call for formal wear.  Certain business opportunities require a biography (bio) be submitted, instead of a resume.

As we invest in our dress for success program, investing time in writing a bio is a must for a more fortified strategic business positioning advantage.  Just as most people like to wear the latest fashion styles, having a bio makes a person stand out as an influential savvy professional fashionista in the business world.

Put your 3rd person game face voice on.  Think of yourself as a news reporter telling a candid, human interest story about another VERY SUCCESSFUL person (you).  Using 3rd person pronouns like "she", "he", "her", "him" allows for totally acceptable bragging rights to tell all about your background and great accomplishments.  Using first person pronouns like "I" and "me" should be eliminated from a bio.  There is a subtle implication of not being a team player by using "I" and "me".  Your bio is not about you.  It's about that alter ego other person you know very well, who likes and deserves to be talked about.  A bio talks up what that other "YOU" brings to the table at the world banquet of business opportunities.

Consider turning your LinkedIn profile into a bio.  This makes a reader more inclined to read your entire profile. This can potentially lead to conversations. It's a great way to turn a browser into a buyer of your skills, services or products.  People become clients by buying into what a person about, first. Then the client buys the from that person.

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  1. Your dressing style is must to impress the opposite people. As they say first impression is the last impression so if you don't have an impact on your style and attitude then no one will even give you trust.


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