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"No" Only Means Not Right Now

The word "No" can make or break anyone.  No other word has the most impact on human psyche, in achieving goals for success, as much as the word "No".

First the breaking part . . .

Although it is one of the smallest words in the dictionary, the word
"No" has had the most impact on the history of the world.  The word "No" has toppled governments, started revolutions and made hearts sink as an answer to marriage proposals. People question their self worth, with deep feelings of rejection, upon hearing this word.

The United States of America was built on a revolt based on 1 single sentence that contained this word; "NO taxation without representation". The Vietnam war (No, I won't step down, even though the U.S put me in power) in Iraq, Afghanistan (no we won't let terrorists take away our entitled freedom) and World War II (No, a single dictator will not be allowed to exert his will on the entire world), Apartheid (No, we will no longer allow a few people to oppress the lives of millions) are a few instances where a match was lit by saying
"No".  A huge historical bonfire was the result in each episode of "No" being said.

The fear of the word "No" makes a person not ask for a raise,  become angry after many interviews do not turn into a job offer or business owners quitting.  To fit into corporate culture or society's rules of being accepted, most people live a life of quiet desperation.  Go along to get along means avoiding the word "No".

Have a nice life.

Now for the making part . . .

Like a cowboy who breaks in a wild horse, the self empowerment of "No" is achieved by saddling it , embracing it, and accepting it in order to overcome the fear of it .

When someone says "No", it only means "I don't need your service or product right now" - I'm not buying right now. So a potential client not hiring you or buying your product just means they actually do not have a need for what you have to offer at this moment in time.  It does not mean the client may not purchase some time in the future.  

Don't allow "No" make you question your skills or confidence.  You believe in your product.  You're skills are top notch.  So move on.

Embrace "No" as getting closer to YESWhen your hear "No", it's their issue, not yours.

The proven process for getting past "No" is:
  1. Don't dwell on it. Let it go.
  2. Understand every "No" brings you closer to YES.
  3. Never give up.
  4. Be patient.
  5. Be persistent. 
  6. Say "NEXT". 
  7. Move on quickly.

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