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Ultimate Community Service is the Global Impact of Asking a Question

When you ask a question in a public forum, it touches the lives of many people.  It has an exponential double impact.  There's a really good 100% chance at least 1 person in the audience has the same question, which you have the courage to ask. Now you're a champion for that person.

When the answer is delivered, that single person is now in a knowledgeable position to guide others who may ask a similar question in the future. So a question can make you a community catalyst to potentially start a chain reaction globally. You probably will never meet the people helped by that anonymous person you helped, because of your question.  So what. This is what being a selfless community activist is about.

Let's review the powerful benefits of asking a question . . . 
  • It enhances personal development to overcome shyness
  • It makes you a thought leader within your circle
  • It positions you to help others clarify misconceptions
  • It engages decision makers to consider you as the best candidate for a job or being THE vendor of choice
  • It's the ultimate marketing and branding tool to stand out from the competition
  • It attracts people to you
  • Many friendships and positive associations can begin
  • It can make the decisive difference for extending job offers and closing business deals
  • It enhances family relationships as a closeness building communication tool
  • It positions you as the go to person in being a problem solver
Best situations to ask a question is anytime . . .
  • PTA meetings
  • Parent / teacher meetings
  • Town hall meetings
  • In a classroom
  • LinkedIn, Indeed, Twitter, Blogs, Monster, Facebook, Career Builder, NY Times, Wall Street Journal or other news / social media forums
  • Replying to the sender of a newsletter
  • Staff meetings
  • Interviews
  • Sales calls
  • Networking events
  • Business meetings
  • Association meetings
  • Team conference calls
  • Family meetings
  • When a child requires corrective guidance
  • Ferreting through your network to access the hidden job market for identifying opportunities
  • Prior to developing or executing strategic plans for company expansion
  • Prior to making life changing personal or business decisions
  • Personal 1 on 1 interactions
  • . . . . and any other social interactions where you are involved within the human race

    Ask a question, even when you know the answer, for all of the above reasons. It's the ultimate community service.

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