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Single Point of Career Failure

In many industries an inordinate, but necessary, amount of time is spent developing disaster recovery plans for business continuity.  What about your business?  Have you developed a disaster recovery plan for your single source of income from your job?

One income is a serious single point of failure. 

Some very smart persons may say "a 2 income couple creates redundancy". That is only true, if the couple is living off 1 income. If both incomes are required to pay all required expenses every month, 1 person being laid off, outsourced or even leaving this good green earth could wreak havoc on the other person's biorhythms. Our family's quality of life style is dictated by our income. People are not afraid of losing their jobs or business. They are afraid of losing their income.

If both persons each created alternate income sources, that's disaster recovery planning at its finest. Now this may sound like I'm leading up to a commercial and will be asking you to send 3 easy payments of $9.95 for my program. Not true. I'm merely presenting food for thought to those interested in managing their careers like a business. Take what works and discard the rest.

People working or who have alternate income usually increase the chances of attracting the same ballpark income they are currently making, when job opportunities come up. People out of work, with no alternate income, have to settle for less. Many times they settle for much less.  Look at entertainers. Those currently working steadily increase their income deals.  Entertainers making come backs, take what they can get.

In my workshops I prove to staff and the corporation that hires me, people are more productive when they are empowered to succeed by running their career like a business. First order of business; don't have 1 client or customer ( job). You will smile more at work, with less tension, when that 2nd income kicks in. Your boss will be happy with your new attitude to perform better. It works every time and eliminates the FEA

Career management is very different from career development. Human Resources can help with the latter.

About the Author: Carl E. Reid, CSI -
"Success Synergy thru Intrapreneur  Savvy, Human Capital and Tech Strategy"
With corporate travels from the mail room to the board room, Carl E. Reid knows what it takes to be successful. He has over 40 years of business experience, including 27 years as a technology expert, 16 years as a business career coach and 18 years as a successful entrepreneur. Carl has been a professional blogger and social media strategist since 2004.  In addition to being a sought after speaker and published author, he has coached and inspired hundreds of people to land jobs and start successful businesses. Carl is Chief Operations Officer for Empowering Today's Professionals and "Foreword" author in fast selling book Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs. *** Tel: 201-222-5390  - Email: CReid3005[AT} ****


  1. On point like a sniper, Carl! Keep preaching 'cause we're listening.

    Koe Rodriguez

  2. Thank you @Koe for your much appreciated feedback.


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