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No Body Loves You More Than You

As people are engulfed with personal and business relationships, we always see things better when we step away with 20/20 hindsight. We see more clearly after we are removed from those situations. The question becomes "how can we realize clarity of vision while we are involved in those situations?". It's very difficult, but it is doable.  The goal is to not allow anyone make us ever question our self worth.

Using your cell phone, tablet or Evernote to record your daily affirmation is even better. When you hear your voice tell you about Yourself, YOU Are in the driver's seat in taking back and staying in control of your Life, Career and Community environment.

As you get yourself ready for opportunities each day, look in the mirror. Say [listen to] the following affirmations to the person you see in the mirror. Do this every day for 30 days.  Over the years I give myself a kiss as I look in the mirror everyday.  It works.

Belief: [Your Name]  has faith that [Your Name] can achieve, adapt, improvise and overcome to achieve success.  [Your Name] is unstoppable and able to overcome any situation or challenge.

Confidence: [Your Name], your are a very unique person with special gifts to offer the world. [Your Name] there is no one like you anywhere on this earth.

Patience: [Your Name] posses patient understanding that every goal requires deliberate, daily action, to succeed.

Persistence: [Your Name] believes with confidence that patience and persistence are the keys to achieve any goal. 

For the best results after 30 days, consider you may need 45 or 90 days more of self visualization. Repeat as necessary. Patience and persistence pay always the biggest dividends.

Carl E. Reid, CSI - USMC (79/80)
Speaker, Author, Social Media / Business Career Coach
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