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Stop Networking. Start Living

Why does networking become a chore or doesn't seem as rewarding as people promised?

Maybe it's because we're putting too much emphasis on networking. We're looking for a pay back result at that pre-appointed 6:00PM event. We absolutely, positively have to make a contact at that 6:00PM to 8:30PM social mixer or that professional widget lover's association meeting.

On the iPower Global Solutions blog is an article entitled "The World is an Event". It points out that we are surrounded by opportunities to meet people. Every day living provides an opportunity.

Years ago I worked as a plain clothes store detective, being vigilant for shop lifters. Whenever I wandered through the department store purposely looking for shop lifters, I rarely found any. When I explored the store, with a shoppers perspective and socialized with the other employees, that is when shop lifters would appear. They would appear, because I wasn't looking. I wasn't trying so hard to find them. My job actually became easier over time.

Living every day life and enjoying the simple passing of the day is more important, than any silly pre-appointed networking. There is only 1 simple rule to networking. Always carry business cards. That's it. So you are prepared, in case you happen to make a contact.

In the mean time take your children to the zoo, the park or the beach. Walk the dog. Water the lawn. Go out to diner with your significant other. Stop by the travel store and plan that vacation. Perform the weekend ritual to the super shopping warehouse stores. Go bike riding. How about a horse carriage ride in Central Park or take in a movie at the local theatre. Have a social drink just for the sake of enjoying another person's company.

Living our lives everyday provides opportunities to network, but removes all the pressure. There is no pre-determined time to network. The goal is to enjoy life. There is no pressure. Focus on enjoying the here and now. Enjoy the moment. If we happen to make a connection with someone, that's the icing on the cake.

Networking becomes so much more enjoyable, when we simply enjoy life. Meeting people along the way is only part of the journey.

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