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CEO of ME, Inc Glossary of Terms

Finally, there is an organization dedicated to teaching members how to manage their career as a profitable business. This is exactly aligned in what Savvy Intrapreneurs do. Empowering today's Professionals (ETP) Network actually provides a simple structure to running the business of ME, Inc..

Along with a CEO of ME, Inc. glossary of  terms, a comprehensive member benefits package and an awesome Career Swiss Army Knife Toolbar, which boasts having a smart radar system, ETP Network has a monthly  free "career management" conference call for platinum members. Maybe you don't need any career management. That's absolutely wonderful that you're all set for life. Consider sharing this information with someone you care about. You'll be a super star to your friend or associate.

If you look at a ruler, 1/8 (one eighth) of an inch is a very small distance. Being the CEO of ME, Inc. only requires 1/8 of an inch thinking. It's a very small adjustment that makes a BIG 360 degree difference between thinking like an employee that lives from pay check to pay check and managing your career as a profitable business. Some ME, Inc. terms below provide links to more details. This glossary is a "work in progress". Contributions to it are welcome.

1 of Several Clients
CEO of ME, Inc.
Interview process
Job offer
Negotiable Offer
Job search
Open to Opportunities
Landing a job
Closing a Deal
Business / team / person

Employee evaluation
Development Plan
Employee manual
Guidelines we work to our advantage
Email, Telephone,
Dress code, Speaking

Marketing Tools
Pay check / Salary
1 of Several Income Sources/Profit Centers
Responding to a
job advertisement

Providing a Value Proposition
Cover letter
Executive Summary
Skill / Product Offering Brochure
Organizational chart
Business Intelligence to Key Players
Pitching an idea
Making a Presentation
Cultivating mutually beneficial relationships
Being a team player
Business Meeting
Keeping people in the loop
Expanding Your Sphere of Influence
Employee who thinks like an entrepreneur
Asking for a raise
Renegotiating a Contract

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2008 C. E. Reid, SAVVY INTRAPRENEUR

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