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Taking a Breath Increases Call Backs

What took you so long to call me back?

You didn't call me back.

Did you get my message?

These are the usual statements we think to ourselves or present to people we leave a voice mail. This is the result of an extremely high expectation that people will and should respond right away to our voice mail. Why? Because we think the issue we are calling about is just as important to that person as it is to us. If it is not that important to them, it should be. Shouldn't it? The only way for the 2 previous statements to be true is to make it as easy as possible for a person to call you back. The easier you make it for people to get back to you, the chances of a quicker response increases by a factor of 10.

How do we achieve quicker call backs? Give people a reason to call you back.
People always do things for their own reasons, not for your reasons. This includes family and friends.
  • Smile as you speak. People can better hear or sense the friendliness in your voice
  • Speak clearly and SLOWLY
  • Speak with an even tonality as though that person is the most important person in your life at that moment
  • Immediately identify yourself
  • Say the Time[PM/AM], Day and Date. You just assumed a subliminal posture that your call is urgent. Yes, telephone systems date stamp voice mails. You saying it has a much higher impact.
  • Say why you are calling, but BE BRIEF
  • Take a Breath
  • Leave your number slowly. Assume the person needs to write it down
  • Leave your name one more time "Again it's [your name]". The person may not have heard your name clearly the first time.
  • Repeat your number even slower this time. Assume the person is still writing, but did not get your entire number the first time.
  • Take a breath
  • Close with "I look forward to speaking with you soon. Have a nice day."
How many times have you had to decipher who a person is by voice print? They leave a message like "It's me. Call me back". Even though you may be very friendly or familiar to a person, assuming that a person has immediate access to your number can cost you BIG.

Write a script and practice it with friends and family voice mails until you get it down to 30 seconds or less.

"Hello Jim. This is Bob Moyen. It's 4:30PM Monday, June 12. I'm following up ... returning your call ... I was referred by...this is in reference to... [Take a Breath]. My number is . . . Again, this is Bob Moyen. [your number]. [Take a Breath] I look forward to speaking with you soon. Have a great day."

Reasons that stymie quicker call backs:
  • If a person has to take time to look your number up, a simple distraction can short circuit that look up; another phone call, someone comes into their office, a meeting starts etc.. Leaving your number allows them to call you back, right now, while they are thinking about it.
  • They lost or misplaced their cell phone, but retrieved your message from another phone.
  • They do not have your number readily available or lost their address book.
  • They mistakenly wrote your number down wrong the last time you spoke.
  • There was no sense of urgency or friendliness in your voice tonality
  • The message is left at the speed of the star ship Enterprise warp factor 10. Being in a hurry says your message isn't that important. It may sound like you don't have time for that person or they are not that important.
On the flip side, always listen to the complete voice mail before calling a person back. This lets each person know their call is important to you. I'm not referring to those friends that insist on leaving long winded voice messages. An important piece of information could be lost, which could enhance your call back.

Copyright (c) 2004 - 2008 C. E. Reid, SAVVY INTRAPRENEUR

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