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Savvy Intrapreneurs Place Themselves in the Driver's Seat

Employee Approach
Savvy Intrapreneur - CEO of ME, Inc. Approach
Job Search
Markets skills to Create and Stay Open to Multiple Opportunities. Always keep options open.

Only Networks when They need a Job. Then they wonder why it takes so long to land a position.
Always Marketing / Networking within and outside the organization. Able to reach out to Their network and create 3 opportunities [ job offers] within 2 weeks.

Prepare Resume
Prepare Proposal to Present Skill Benefits, which passes the “6 second” acid test. Always carries business cards

Interview with candidate
Business Meeting with a Potential Client

Interviewer asks questions to find out why they should hire you.
Asks questions to identify business requirement needs of the Client. Answers from Client also determines “Why should I work for You?

What Salary are You looking for?
Employee placed in beggar’s seat.
Does not give away their bottom line. “I would consider any reasonable offer between [give your range], not a specific amount. Places themselves in the driver’s seat.

Interviewer wraps up interview
Goes for the gusto with a killer close to make a [commercial like] memorable impression on the Client. Close with 3 best skills that matches Client’s needs. “I would like to give you 3 reasons why I am the best resource for this position, out of any person you have interviewed or will interview”

Salary & Benefits Offer
Contract Negotiation. Stuff everything in a sneaker and ask for everything. Then compromises at negotiation table. Always waits until the next day to accept offer.

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